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Backgammon (Toni Martin Dobrzanski)[CD]


Mid thirties Erik makes a living playing Backgammon in the local park. He is about to get thrown out of his residence, when a young girl approaches him in the park. She changes his life, while he tries to fight the demons from his past.
Backgammon is Danny Thykær’s first feature and his first collaboration with the Danish composer Toni Martin Dobrzanski who composed a beautiful and intimate orchestral score for the film.

Dobrzanski’s award winning music is a beautiful soft minimalistic orchestral style with a nostalgic piano carying us gently through the main melody throughout the film. The music incorporates the essence of innocence while still maintaining a close connection to the pain and sorrows of an adult tragedy. The music is well suited for listening by itself without the accompanying film.

Backgammon is Toni Martin Dobrzanski’s first feature film.

This is my Story [4:38]
The Graveyard [1:31]
Erik’s Theme [2:00]
The Shoebox [1:24]
The Game [1:46]
Mother’s Shoebox [1:00]
A Follower [1:50]
Cocky Guy [0:42]
The Past Makes a Visit [4:55]
Nightmares [4:37]
The Flight [2:31]
Who is the Father? [7:02]
The Sacrifice [4:05]
Credits [2:46]

Total Running time: Approx. 38 min