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Tidsrejsen (Flemming Nordkrog)

‘Tidsrejsen’ (‘Time Travel’ in English) tells the story of 13 year old Sofie, who desperately wants to travel back in time in order to undo her parents’ divorce. Dixie, the mysterious new boy in her class, turns out to be from the future and helps her realise her dream – but something goes wrong and before long they´re both involved in an adventurous story involving mysterious agents from the future, time travel devices, worried parents and many many other things.
The series was the TV christmas calendar of 2014, thus of course taking place in the cold and dark (we’re in Scandinavia !) month of December, lending a twist of Scandi Noir to the whole story.
To guide us along this both dramatic and touching story, Danish composer Flemming Nordkrog has composed one of the best TV scores in recent years, managing to capture the thrill and adventure of time travel without loosing the emotional aspects of the story.
The result is a grand orchestral score full of emotion, themes, suspense, wonder, and action.

Can be streamed/downloaded on all major platforms.