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Badehotellet (Halfdan E & Jeppe Kaas) [CD]


‘Badehotellet’ is a period drama taking place at a summer hotel near the beach in the most northwestern part of Denmark.

Set in the 1920s, this hugely popular TV series depicts the story of life at the hotel, as it is being lived by guests and employees alike, the planned 5 seasons covering the years 1928-32.

This light, colorful and highly enjoyable show demanded an equally enjoyable score, and composers Halfdan E and Jeppe Kaas delivered just that: some 25 jazz-tracks taking you back to the roaring 1920s; aurguably the most enjoyable jazz-score of 2015!

Badehotellet [0:35]
Kongelunden [1:58]
Liva [2:08]
Amanda [2:30]
Hothouse [2:10]
Kroket [1:23]
Dot [0:34]
Forestil Dem… Feriehuse! [1:49]
En Blaa Petitesse [1:24]
Under Maanen [2:02]
Pop & Pep [1:32]
Paa Lur [1:47]
Munter Leg i Haven [1:30]
En Arbejdsmelodi [2:12]
Tango Intime [2:16]
Middagsjazz [1:54]
Grev Dietmar [1:19]
Ved Femvejen [1:13]
Arkitekterne [0:46]
Broendum [0:47]
I Godt Humør [1:13]
Der Ledes og Soeges [0:49]
Fies Lille Melodi [1:25]
Julius [2:20]
Haab [1:17]
I Moerket [1:48]
Mortens Broder [1:37]

Format CD, Digital download