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Performances (Halfdan E)

‘Performances’ is the 5th major collaboration between Danish director Per Fly, and composer Halfdan E, originally released in 2007.

‘Performances’ is a TV show in six parts, each episode telling the same story, but from a new character’s perspective each time, showing how dramatically different the same conflict can be percieved by different personalities – with different agendas..
The show was highly acclaimed, and the music by Halfdan E covers all the emotions of the show. From the fast paced, iconic opening, to the struggles and victories the characters goes through.

‘Performances’ is certainly a very varied score, and the 27 cues in the soundtrack has been created especially with the running order in mind, to give the listener the most coherent listening experience.
The music for ‘Performances’ is in many ways a foreshadowing of what was to become the award winning score to ‘Borgen’, so give it a spin if you happen to be a fan of this iconic series.

Available for streaming/download on all major platforms.
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