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Lemon_Cello (Various artists)

PlantSounds is proud to present this album featuring the cello in all its diverse glory. Conceived by composer agent Carolynne Wyper and composer Dean Valentine as a fundraising project for the London-based, internationally acclaimed Royal Marsden Cancer Charity in the name of world-renowned cellist, Caroline Brown, the album features music composed and performed by 21 composers, some contemporary and some classical.

Artistes include Mike Moran and Freddie Mercury, Alexander Balanescu, Craig Pruess featuring the legendary Anthony Pleeth, Danish ‘Borgen’ composer, Halfdan E, and a wealth of emerging composers from Carolynne’s company SMA Talent. There’s virtually everything here, from simple piano and cello to a full, mind-blowing orchestra.

All those involved in this album, including the acclaimed artist Malika Favre who let us use her picture ‘La Joueuse’ for the cover, have donated their work and time free of charge in the hope that you will support the life-saving research and treatment at The Royal Marsden Hospital.

Album credits:
Created and compiled by Carolynne Wyper for SMA Talent Ltd
cover picture by Malika Favre, by kind permission
executive producers: Halfdan E & Jesper Hansen

Various Artists Lemon_Cello
Katie Lanson Doloroso
Balanescu Quartet The Young Conscript and the Moon (from the album ‘Maria T’)
Mike Moran Guide Me Home
Halfdan E Joy
Adam Lukas Verses
Christoph Zirngibl On The Road
Solomento Eloise
Craig Pruess & Deepa Nair Karuna Cantata
Raimund Hepp Afraid of Uncertainty
Ben Salisbury Elision
Derek Kirkup Underflow
Keith Atack Where Rivers Meet
Mitchell Gibbs The Journey
Nick Samuels New Life For Old Boots
Nick Watson Ameliorate
Isin Eray Pulsation
Jordan Andrews Chrysalis
Philip Codd A Christmas Past
Andrea Casagrande Cello and Rain
Patrick Dineen Rumplestiltskin
James Elsey Time Standing Still

Available for streaming/download on all major platforms.
Not available for purchase on this site.