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The Legacy (Magnus Jarlbo & Sebastian Öberg)

The Legacy is a modern family portrait.
A description of the ’68 generation and their children. A narrative about the sharp traces and consequences left by an intense time of upheaval upon modern family life – whether it takes place in a seemingly liberated and progressive artist’s home or in a more traditional community-oriented, provincial and handball-minded environment.
The series plays out at the legendary manor Grønnegaard in the southern part of the Danish island Funen, where the internationally renowned artist Veronika Grønnegaard has lived an eccentric and colorful life since the wild sixties.
We follow Veronika’s four adult children whose free and chaotic childhood at Grønnegaard has left its mark on them in very different ways. They live scattered to the four winds until Veronika dies and they gather to wind up the estate.
Just before she dies, Veronika leaves the manor to her daughter Signe, who was given up for adoption. Signe lives with her partner in a quiet residential area in the local town and has never known the truth of her parentage.
What was meant to be a quick and painless estate division becomes the start of a journey into secrets and lies that turn their lives upside down and forces them to look at each other and themselves with new eyes.

The Legacy has already been shown in more than 80 countries worldwide, and is the latest in a long line of immensely popular Danish TV shows.
To score The Legacy, the producers turned to Swedish composer duo of Magnus Jarlbo and Sebastian Öberg.
Together they have crafted a brilliant electro-acoustic score that adds a fresh sound to the events unfolding on screen.

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Melancholy Sunshine [3:03]
The Legacy (Theme) [3:48]
Dark Xmas [3:04]
Family Team [2:22]
Easy Going Thomas [3:18]
The Betrayal [2:14]
Frederik’s Hate [2:39]
Oysters Before Death [3:14]
Mockba [2:30]
Gro’s Sorrow [1:55]
Fragile Luck [2:44]
Happy Kids [1:28]
Veronica Dies [3:30]
Emil’s Debt [2:17]
Anger Grows [2:39]