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Den Anden Verden (Jesper Mechlenburg)

’The Other World” (Den Anden Verden 2016) is an adventure/drama series for 8-16 yr olds and their parents. It depicts two twin sisters of 14 yrs age, taking their first steps into a fascinating, dangerous and unpredictable grown up-world. Set on the background of the classic Brothers Grimm tales,  the two sisters meet the changes, challenges and showdowns usually associated with the teenage years, but in a new, ambitious and not least magical way. Broadcasted in Denmark in winter 2016, it became an instant hit.

The score for “The Other World” is composed by Jesper Mechlenburg, a veteran of both films, TV and theatre.
The music needed to portray all the aspects of a complex story, taking place in both the present, as well as a fairytale world, and it does just that.
Sometimes subtle and hauntingly beautiful, sometimes dark and omnious, sometimes everything in between; “The Other World” hits the mark beautifully, and is certain to impress fans of the genre.

Available for streaming/download on all major platforms.
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Den Anden Verden (theme) Pt. 1 [1:34]
Er det Kærlighed? [1:09]
Underverdenen Pt. 1 [1:39]
Eftertænksom [1:50]
Underverdenen Pt.2 [1:16]
Rikke Alene [1:32]
Den Anden Verden (theme) Pt. 2 [2:16]
Mystik på Slottet [2:04]
Opera på Slottet [1:26]
Magisk Vals [1:37]
Dristig Humor [1:30]
Glad Melankoli [1:09]
Kærligheden Kalder [1:16]
Teater Magi [1:53]
Listig Tango [1:22]
Pige Drøm [1:28]
Underverdenen Pt. 3 [0:39]
Eventyrligt og Forunderligt [1:14]
Ingen Vej Tilbage [1:12]
Lægger Planer [2:06]
Det er Bare Noget Vi Leger [1:31]
Trist og Stille [0:52]
Den Anden Verden (theme) Pt. 3 [1:35]