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Pound for Pound (Atli Örvarsson)

Since leaving Los Angeles and moving back to Iceland. Composer Atli Örvarsson has scored numerous independent films that may lack the marketing budgets of the big Hollywood Blockbusters, but never the less have been incredible films. This has allowed the composer to reinvent himself, and the results have been nothing less of exceptional.

Last year he won a Harpa award for his score to Icelandic film ‘Rams’, and now his first score for a Danish film is available.

The film is called ‘Pound for Pound’ and tells the story of Jørgen Hansen, a Danish boxer who rose to fame, when he unexpectedly became European boxing champion.

It’s a beautiful and touching story, and Örvarsson’s score delivers on all accounts.
Not only does the music have a distinct voice of it’s own, it also avoids the pitfalls of copying the well-known boxing scores of the past, and instead stands its own ground.

Available for streaming/download on all major platforms.
Not available for purchase on this site.

Pound for Pound [3:01]
Gonna Take The Fight [1:47]
Hanne in the Hospital [1:24]
A Day in the Life of Jørgen [2:09]
The Knockout [1:49]
A Strong Right Hand[2:35]
Jørgen vs Dave Green [2:13]
Buck Up [2:44]
Jørgen’s Run [1:34]
‘Old Man’ [2:07]
Focus on Your Own Fight [2:33]
Champion [1:58]
The Bravest Man [1:31]