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H. C. Andersen & Den Skæve Skygge (Fuzzy) [CD]


What happens when you allow one of your country’s finest composers to score a film about the most beloved author from that very same country?
The answer is right here:

H. C. Andersen & Den Skæve Skygge (Eng.: The Long Shadow) is one of many wonderful collaborations between composer Fuzzy (real name Jens Vilhelm Pedersen) and director Jannik Hastrup.
Together they have produced some of the most well known animated films from Denmark in the 80’s and 90’s, and this movie is no exception.

Not as light-hearted as many had expected, the film failed at the boxoffice upon it’s release in 1998, and has been largely forgotten since then.

The film is not without merit though, and was certainly a very ambitious one! 
This is especially evident when listening to Fuzzy’s orchestral score.
In fact, this may well be the most ambitious film score ever composed for a Danish feature film?

Recorded in Prague, by the Prague Philharmonics under the guidance of conductor Mario Klemens, this 44 minute score shows what an orchestra can do when performing the music composer by a true master.
And Fuzzy is nothing less than just that: A masterful composer!

Long hailed as one of Europes leading contemporary composers, his ability to write big lush themes and intricate orchestral textures is in full display here, and we are very proud to give this score the attention it deserves.

Ouverture [2:31]
Gadedrenge og Skygge [1:16]
Drømme i Spejl [0:27]
H. C. På vej til farfar [0:51]
H. C. På vej til farfar (træblæsere) [0:50]
Den Grønne Dør [1:08]
Farfars Figurer [0:33]
H. C. Møder Pige [1:05]
Markedsplads [1:10]
Rejsesang [2:21]*
Mosters Kælderværtshus [1:12]
Mor på båd til København [1:25]
Sne [1:16]
Drøm i Slagelse [1:17]
Roserne [0:25]
Klodshans [1:25]
Soldaten og Pigen [0:50]
Hestevogn [1:04]
Ind i Skoven [1:48]
Amor og Forvandling [1:13]
Afrejse fra Bjerget [0:38]
Ankomst til Italien [0:32]
Poesien [1:20]
Bordelpiano [0:48]
Poesiens Stemme [1:21]
Skyggen Forhandler [0:57]
Skyggen får Krop [0:53]
H. C. Bliver Berømt [1:33]
Jernbanegalop [0:32]
Djævlevals [1:20]
Karneval [1:53]
Lykkevals [1:16]
Voldtægt [1:14]
Kram din Grimme Ælling [4:09]*

Composed by Fuzzy
* Singer: Povl Dissing; Lyrics: Søren Krag-Jacobsen

Mastered by Jan Eliasson
Liner notes by Fuzzy
Executive producers: Jesper Hansen & Halfdan E

Booklet in Danish & English


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