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The Sunfish (Flemming Nordkrog)

“The Sunfish” tells the story of Kesse. A third generation fisherman living in the small and windblown town of Hirtshals, in Northern Jutland. As a result of new fishery policies and the global financial crisis, the smaller fishermen are slowly succumbing to the pressure of competing with larger fishing enterprises. Kesse is struggling to survive, desperately holding on to the only way of life he knows. But desperate times require desperate measures and so, due to increasing financial pressure, Kesse is forced to find more notorious and alternative ways of making ends meet. This in turn, leads him to meet his polar opposite, the female marine biologist Gerd.

Danish composer Flemming Nordkrog created a simple, beautiful score for this film, perfectly capturing the emotions and enviroment of the film.
It is mostly guitars, and he leaves a lot of room in the music, so the listener feels the vast emptiness of the ocean.
A beautiful sparse score that works as well outside the film, as in it.

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