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Borgen (Halfdan E) [CD]


Originally conceived as a purely domestic TV-series, Borgen turned out to be an unexpected worldwide succes and another hit for Danish broadcaster DR: Newsweek ranked it among the best TV-series in the world, and legendary writer Stephen King stated, in an interview to Entertainment Weekly, that ‘Borgen’ was his favorite show.
Danish composer Halfdan E was brought along from the very beginning, and has scored all three seasons of ‘Borgen’, his music later being awarded the prestigious Fipa d´Or Grand Prize in 2012 for best score.
Of the music, Halfdan explains:

‘Finding the right kind of music for a talking series like this proved something of a headache, no matter how obvious it seems when you watch the series. The topics covered in each episode were substantial enough, trouble was that it all became so intellectual – a lot of head and no body. Ideally, you want the audience to actually feel the drama.
Turned out the key to get there was to create a constant sense of drama, in a sense almost a thriller score underneath all that walk-and-talk – transparent enough to leave dialogue easily heard, but at the same time conveying the drama going on inside the minds of the main characters.’

Format CD, Digital download