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Disparue (Frans Bak) [CD]


New French drama series ‘Disparue’ takes place in Lyon, France, at the night of the annual music festival. This date also marks the 17th birthday of Leah.
Like so many others that night, Leah and her cousin Chris are out having fun. But in the morning, Leah has still not returned. Her father Julien decides to conduct the search for her while his wife, Florence, is doing everything to maintain a semblance of normality. Thomas, the elder brother, is racked with guilt as he promised his mother to escort Leah at home that night, but fate willed it differently.

To score ‘Disparue’, the producers turned to Danish composer Frans Bak.
Bak is no stranger to scoring TV-drama, having won numerous honors for his scores for both the original Danish version of ‘The Killing’, as well as the American remake.

‘Disparue’ uses both orchestral and electronic elements. A blend that works incredibly well, featuring the orchestra supplying the emotional elements, while the electronic sounds create the tension.

Format CD, Digital download