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Pinchcliffe Grand Prix (Bent Fabricius-Bjerre) [CD]


We are extremely proud to present the first ever release of the score for the iconic Norwegian film ‘Pinchcliffe Grand Prix’, released in 1975 by Caprino Studios.
The music – composed by Danish composer Bent Fabricius-Bjerre – has long been hailed as one of the greatest scores of its age, and yet it has remained unavailable until now!

Pinchcliffe (or Flåklypa in Norwegian / Bjergkøbing in Danish) Grand Prix is the most succesful Norwegian film of all time. Since its release in 1975 it has sold more than 5 million theatre tickets, which is quite an achievement considering there are only 5 million people living in Norway!!
The movie also became very popular outside of Norway, and still has a big following in Europe, Asia and America.

Build on the famous characters created by Kjell Aukrust, Pinchcliffe Grand Prix is a true stop-motion masterpiece made possible largely due to the tireless efforts of the films creator Ivo Caprino.
The main character Reodor (eng. Theodore) lives in the small town of Pinchcliffe. An inventor/bicycle repair man, he and his two companions Ludwig (eng. Lambert), a pessimistic and melancholic hedgehog, and Solan (eng. Sonny) an overly energetic and positive Magpie, get by doing a bit of work for whomever happens to stop by.
One day Reodor’s old apprentice Rudolph – now a famous racing driver – appears on tv, boasting that he is unbeatable and will accept any challenge.
He contributes his succes to a device he claims to have invented, that makes his car unbeatable. Reodor regonizes the device as one of his own inventions, and the gang decide to challenge Rudolph, by building Reodors masterpiece, the car ‘Il Tempo Gigante’.

Many contributes part of the film’s succes to the richly thematic score by Bent Fabricius-Bjerre. One of the themes even became so deeply inherent in Norway that many still believe it to be a national folksong.
The theme, know as ‘Norwegian Sunet’ has since been covered by many artists, and still remains one of the most beautiful themes ever written.

Now, three months after the film’s 40th anniversary, the original music is finally available for the first time ever.

The album is presented in a beautiful jewel case, with extensive linar notes written by film music expert Mogens Skaaning Høegsberg.
The music presented on the album is nearly 50 minutes and includes:
– The complete score
– Source music used in the film*


Pinchcliffe (Opening) [1:02]
There Lies Pinchcliffe [1:39]
Sonny [0:26]
Lambert’s Theme/Getting Started [1:44]
All in a Days Work [3:29]
Norwegian Sunset (Reodor’s Ballade) [2:03]
Sonny’s Morning Routine [0:46]
Aladdin Oil [0:49]
Hatching the Plan [0:52]
Racing Down the Mountain [0:52]
Soline’s Dance [1:57]
Bolero [2:09]
Early Bird Lambert [0:40]
Fetching the Newspaper [0:26]
Lambert Tumbles [0:26]
Fy Fazan Departs [1:05]
Fy Fazan Arrives [0:14]
Building Il Tempo Gigante [3:59]
Sabotage [4:42]
The Pinchcliffe Fanfare [0:32]*
The Poem [0:49]
Il Tempo Gigante Unveiled [0:21]*
March Kantate Opus 2 [3:07]
Home Sweet Home [1:24]
Reprise (End Credits) [2:30]

All music composed by Bent Fabricius-Bjerre
Except * Licensed from Warner Chappell

Executive Producer: Jesper Hansen
Artwork: Javier Burgos
Mastered by: Kasper Viiberg
Liner Notes: Mogens Skaaning Høegsberg